Channel systems for trade fair & exhibition halls

Drainage channels for trade fair & exhibition halls need convincing properties with regard to the run-off rate, load-bearing capacity and safety for pedestrians and vehicles. Our channel systems fulfil all requirements for use in trade fair & exhibition halls regarding:

  • Load-bearing capacity (e.g. covering loads from turning movements of vehicles manoeuvring during the make-up phases) - the monolithic structure here ensures that loads are reliably withstood and deflected. The channels cannot be destroyed by loose or moving parts. 
  • Run-off rate - the high absorption capacity prevents water collecting on the surface and minimises the risk of aquaplaning. The high run-off rate allows a greater spacing between manholes and the number of connection points to the sewer network can be kept low.
  • Protection of ground water and resistance to hazardous substances - robust materials which are resistant to hazardous substances reliably seal the drainage system and stop hazardous substances seeping into the ground water.
  • Suitability for forklift trucks – channels with even surfaces and optional edge protection provide the perfect driving base for forklift trucks; even under heavy loads.
  • Economy - thanks to the low maintenance requirement and long service life.

Our »Pfuhler Rinne« channels with integrated kerbs represent an intelligent 2-in-1 solution.