Drainage channels for roads and motorways

High requirements are imposed on the drainage systems. The focus is on road user safety and preservation of the highway infrastructure. 

The key functions of our »Pfuhler Rinne« slot unit drainage channels are:

  • Absorption capacity: The high absorption capacity prevents water collecting on the surface and minimises the risk of aquaplaning.
  • Take-up and deflection of dynamic loads: The monolithic structure ensures that loads caused by heavy goods vehicles travelling quickly and braking abruptly are reliably withstood and deflected. Traffic safety cannot be endangered by loose parts or flying fragments.
  • Efficiency: The high flow-off rate allows a greater spacing between manholes and the number of connection points to the sewer network can be kept low.
  • Durability: The durable stability and resistance to frost and de-icing salt provided by proven materials, such as concrete, ensure a long service life.
  • Protection of ground water: Robust materials which are resistant to hazardous substances reliably seal the drainage system and stop hazardous substances seeping into the ground water. 

The »Pfuhler Block«, as a verge protection in radii, complements the slot unit both optically and functionally.