Channel systems for military sites

The loads generated by military equipment place particular demands on the driving surfaces and their drainage channels. The key functions are:

  • Run-off rate: a high, reliable drainage prevents water collecting on the surface.
  • Reliable absorption and deflection of dynamic loads caused by extremely heavy military vehicles ensures the long-term integrity of the drainage system.
  • Economy: the durable stability and resistance to frost and de-icing salt provided by proven materials, such as concrete, ensure a long service life.
  • Protection of ground water: robust materials which are resistant to hazardous substances reliably seal the drainage system and stop hazardous substances seeping into the ground water. For refuelling stations, we offer our »Pfuhler Schlitzrinnen System Z« - slot units with general building approval for facilities for the storage, filling and transfer of water polluting substances.

We offer special versions of the »Pfuhler Rinne« channel with especially high resistance to wear for military sites, e.g. to cope with tracked vehicles.