Channel systems for cities, towns and local authorities

The choice of an effective drainage system is a good decision in all areas where the liability of cities, towns and local authorities is affected. Areas of application are:

  • Bus stops
  • Provision of public infrastructure and new housing areas
  • Camber drainage for rainwater management
  • Construction of waste disposal sites

Channel systems supplied by our company are characterised by:

  • High economy and durability
  • Excellent traffic safety – no loose covers, gratings or similar objects
  • Big cross-sections for large run-off rates can be easily provided
  • High static and dynamic loads are able to be withstood
  • Protection of ground water thanks to monolithic structures

We have developed a new slot geometry (patent pending) for our reinforced concrete slot units »Pfuhler Rinne«. According to DIN EN 1433 and DIN 19580 they can safely be installed in all areas without having to consider their position relative to the direction of travel. This takes into account the requirements of EN 1433 so that special channels are now no longer required, not even for bicycle traffic. 

Our channels with kerbs and covered slots provide extra safety for cyclists.