»Pfuhler Rinne« - reinforced concrete slot unit

Our reinforced concrete slot units conform to EN 1433 »Drainage channels for vehicular and pedestrian areas« in conjunction with DIN 19580.

We supply the appropriate slot units for the different requirements and intended uses. They differ in run-off cross-section (profile 20R to 30/40) and loadability. Our reinforced concrete slot units are designed, reinforced and produced for a traffic load defined by DIN technical report 101 (Class D). We supply reinforced slot units (Class F) for installation, for example, on industrial sites, container terminals and air traffic areas. See also the explanations on the "Load bearing capacity" page.
We recommend slot units with intermittent slot, i.e. stiffening webs (designation U), if slot units are constantly crossed by heavy traffic or if high lateral forces occur perpendicular to the channel axis. 

We supply slot units with integrated kerb, height 7, 12 and 15 cm, for installation in roads with connected footpaths and for the drainage of road tunnels.
The standard effective length of the reinforced concrete slot units is 4.00 m. However, special effective lengths from 0.25 – 3.95 m can also be supplied.

Adapters are produced to order for installation in radii. See also the explanations on the "Channel connection" page. Connectors and elbows with any angle necessary can be supplied for joining various slot unit lines. See also the explanations on the "Special designs" page. 

The exemption provided for in DIN 19580 for slot widths in slot units installed in areas in which bicycle traffic is not allowed is also contained in EN 1433. In areas with bicycle traffic, slot units with conventional slots 3 cm wide must be installed in such a way that the longitudinal axis of the slot is perpendicular to the direction of travel (+/- 45°). 

We have developed a new slot geometry (patent pending) to enable our reinforced concrete »Pfuhler Rinne« slot units to EN 1433 and DIN 19580 to be safely installed in all areas without having to consider their position relative to the direction of travel. This takes into account the requirements of EN 1433 so that special channels are now no longer required, not even for bicycle traffic. The water inlet areas have changed insignificantly compared to the slot geometries to date so that the absorption capacity tried and tested for decades is retained to an adequate extent. The water inlet area of all profiles with 4.00 m long standard effective length and continuous slot is approx. 25500 mm²/m, for profiles 30/20U, 30RU, 3040U and 20/40U it is approx. 17500 mm²/m and for profiles 20RU, 25RU and 20/30U it is approx. 14900 mm²/m.