»Pfuhler Rinne« - reinforced concrete slot unit

Our reinforced concrete slot units are produced in precisely dimensioned steel formwork. The concrete recipe used is continuously optimised with respect to durability, taking into account state of the art engineering standards. Rebar steel BSt 500S/M is installed as reinforcement. 

We use C40/50 concrete for our reinforced concrete "Pfuhler Rinne" slot units. Its composition, production and use correspond to a concrete to EN 206-1 and DIN 1045-2 and DAfStB guideline for self-compacting concrete (Issued November 2003).
It is suitable for the following exposure classes:

  • XD3 – Reinforcement corrosion induced by chlorides, other than from seawater, environment is cyclically wet and dry
  • XF4 – Frost attack with or without anti-freeze, environment with high water saturation and anti-freeze
  • XA2 - Concrete corrosion due to chemical attack, moderately aggressive chemical environment, (except chemical attack by sulphate > 600 mg/l – here we can produce special slot units using cement with high sulphate resistance)

Due to the high concrete strength (C40/50) in conjunction with the high tensile strength of the reinforcing steel used, reinforced concrete slot units can safely withstand the static and dynamic loads that occur. 

Constant, comprehensive quality assurance consisting of self-monitoring and external monitoring ensures a consistently high quality standard.