Sewer connections

The reinforced concrete slot units are connected to the drainage sewers and drains by installing appropriate drainage manholes. These are combined with road gullys according to DIN 4052 and consist of a shaft, base with DN 150, 200 or 300 mm outlet and a hot-dip galvanised sludge bucket. For example, if a sealed shaft structure is required for environmental reasons, we can also supply corresponding shafts with monolithic structures. 

In the event of unfavourable gradients, such a shaft construction can be dispensed with. In that case, the reinforced concrete slot units can also be directly connected to the drainage sewer. To this end, the shafts are available from the factory with integrated shaft lining for all the usual pipe materials and nominal sizes. 

The outlet can be positioned laterally or in the direction of the drainage pipe, less than 45° downwards or vertically. The distances between the connections must be adjusted to the size of the respective catchment/run-off area.