Type K – sealed with sealant, with inspection vent at end of the channel and general building approval for use with substances hazardous to water

Normal channel – Standard channel system length 4.00 m 

Sloped channel – Normal channel with (integral) internal gradient 0.5 %, system length 4.00 m 

Adapter channel – Tailor-made unit, system length 0.80 m to 3.95 m in cm stepped sizes for adjusting the linear channel length to local circumstances or basic design conditions, geometry as for normal channel 

Manhole – Standard unit, with one or three inspection openings, system length depending on profile, 1.50 m or 2.00 m, with concreted in connection socket for connecting the channel system to the drainage pipes 

End plate – Standard unit made from galvanised steel for closing the end of the channel system