Unloading and storage

Reinforced concrete slot units are to be unloaded using lifting gear equipped with a precision hoist. Sudden stresses (e.g. jerky lifting or lowering, sudden lowering or dropping) and dragging are not allowed. 

To prevent damage, reinforced concrete slot units are to be unloaded from the vehicle using the »DEHA« slot unit lifting system unloading and laying equipment provided together with a cross-beam to be provided on site (minimum load bearing capacity 3 to, minimum distance between the suspension points ³ 1.00 m). Ensure that the units are suspended centrally. The slot unit lifters must be positioned above the cross-beam, as shown in the enclosed drawing, so that a minimum spacing of 1.0 m is maintained. After moving the lifters into the slot, they are to be rotated through 90° perpendicular to the slot and locked in position. It is not permitted to suspend a slot unit from one lifter only. If unloading using forklift trucks (in exceptional cases only), suitable measures must be taken to ensure that the edges and corners of the reinforced concrete slot units are not damaged. 

The reinforced concrete slot units are to be temporarily stored in such a way that they cannot be damaged. If stored in stacks, squared timbers are to be placed between the individual layers.