Slot units used in facilities dealing with substances hazardous to water

»Pfuhler Schlitzrinnen System Z«

Slot units »Pfuhler Schlitzrinnen System Z« are specially designed as drainage channels for installation in facilities for the storage, filling and transfer of water polluting substances, e.g. petrol stations. Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt), Berlin, has issued general building approval No. Z-74.4-46 dated 26 August 2009 for the units. 

The units combine the advantages of our tried and tested reinforced concrete »Pfuhler Rinne« slot units with the high safety level of products with general building approval. They fulfil the highest environmental and groundwater protection requirements. 

»Pfuhler Schlitzrinnen System Z« slot units are available as Type N (»normal«) with push-in joint system and Type K with inspection opening. The drainage system made from »Pfuhler Schlitzrinnen System Z« Type N may only be used for draining run-off surfaces with which the liquids freely discharge (without backwater) via gradient to the retention facilities.