Betonwerk Neu-Ulm

Today's Betonwerk Neu-Ulm was established in 1964 as a subsidiary of the building contractor Wolfer & Goebel, Stuttgart. In 1968, the concrete works acquired its independence and therefore created the basis to enable it to plan its own forward looking company development. 

For years, Betonwerk Neu-Ulm GmbH & Co. KG has been one of the leading manufacturers of highly stable monolithic slot units and complementary components made from concrete and reinforced concrete. Our »Pfuhler Rinne« slot unit system provides high quality drainage solutions even under extreme conditions. The safety of people, investment goods and the environment is our concern. We therefore produce the »Pfuhler Schlitzrinnen System Z« slot unit with german government specification for the handling of water polluting substances in facilities for their storage, filling and transfer. We always respond to road surfacing developments with our well-known problem-solving expertise. We take into account the increasing use of porous asphalt (PA), also called self-draining asphalt or whisper concrete by providing suitable channel systems. 

The benefit and satisfaction of our customers is always at the centre of our actions. Together we create marketable and flexible solutions which satisfy the individual needs of almost every construction project.